Pointe de Penmarc'h

A town overlooking the sea in the south-west of Finistère

Just 5 minutes from the campsite, the town of Penmarc’h welcomes visitors at the far south-west of Finistère. This is a charming town with a joyous, sunny atmosphere. On the way there, take the opportunity to enjoy the ocean footpaths or cycling paths. You can make the most of the bracing ocean air.

Head for the famous Pointe de Penmarc’h to discover the sea in all its immensity and admire the large, powerful waves coming in from the sea. You will also see the well-known Eckmühl lighthouse, which has been guiding ships for many years. You can plan walks or hikes with the Pointe as a stopping point or destination, and there are a large number of trails to take you through the neighbouring areas and recharge your batteries.

During your holiday at the campsite, make sure you set aside a day to explore this superb site.

La Pointe de Penmarc’h by bike with Frida

From the rear of the campsite, set off to explore the heart of Pays Bigouden. First of all, the Pors Carn beach with its surfers and kite-surfers, then the impressive rocks of Saint Guénolé, resisting the frequent winter storms. The Prehistory Museum introduces visitors to metal smelting and unveils the secrets of the megalith park.

A little further on, the port of Saint Guénolé, the biggest sardine fishing port in France, deserves a lengthy visit to see the arrival of the coastal fishermen (on Monday and Thursday) or the high-seas fishermen (on Tuesday).
Friday is market day, and we can make the most of it to stock up on local produce with a trip to the Compagnie Bretonne de Poisson or the Conserverie Océane Alimentaire, while not forgetting the delicious fresh pancakes to take away.

It is hard to leave this charming little port, but in Saint Pierre the Eckmühl lighthouse with its semaphore and Fresnel lens is well worth a visit. The old lighthouse and tower show how dangerous La Pointe de Penmarc'h could be. You can visit a second time to see the exhibition about the Papa Poydenot lifeboat, the Square Tower, the church of Sainte Nonna and Notre Dame de la Joie.

Our journey continues with a stop at the little port of Kérity, with the Etocs rocks, facing south. The water is clear and transparent, and when you wear a snorkelling mask you can see the sea bed, rich in fish, shellfish and a wide range of vegetation. Treat the environment with respect, and with a bit of luck, you may encounter some seals soaking up the sun.

On the way back, the Chapelle de la Madeleine with its modern stained glass windows by Bazaine and the houses with thatched roofs bring a certain tranquillity to the area. Further on is the megalith site, but this will have to wait for another visit.

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