Campsite in Finistère

Camping in Finistère : at the edge of the world and facing the sea!

At the far west of France and projecting out into the sea, Finistère is an ideal destination for holidays with lots of things to discover. As well as a chance to visit the many ports and charming towns where Breton culture is everywhere to be seen, you can walk through natural sites along footpaths and cycling paths.

During your visits and walks, you can enjoy the different pointes (headlands) in Brittany, the forests and famous natural sites.

Holidays at the Finistère campsite: ocean, nature and culture

If you love the Atlantic Ocean, then you will be delighted to take a swim or set off on a hike along the coast. When you stay at our Finistère campsite, you can visit such wonderful towns as Concarneau, Quimper, Plomeur or Brest, while enjoying the sea air and the preserved nature in the area.

There are many secrets and stories to discover about Breton culture and its history, and there is a whole host of museums, castles and cultural sites to visit in Finistère.

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Carte du finistère Sud en Bretagne