Ecological campsite for nature and ecolabel holidays!

Why our campsite has adopted the ecolabel

My wife and I bought this beautiful campsite in February 2012, already aware of environmental issues, which we feel are the biggest challenges for the very near future. To be in agreement with our ideas, we have decided to invest without counting and without help: convictions and way of life must no longer turn their backs on each other, the survival of future generations depends on it. See our approach!

If we do not start our energy transformation now, we will no longer have the means tomorrow to do so: energy will cost too much, and our budget for this transformation will be totally swallowed up in our bills.

So it is our duty to change now!

Camping with ecological energy !

We have been told that energy costs will increase by 30 to 40% over the next 10 years, so we have decided to act to ensure the viability of our business as much as respect for the environment.

For that, we decided to change some habits :
-98% of the campsite's lighting uses low-energy bulbs
-105 photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roofs of our rental properties
-6 solar panels heat the water in the common toilets
-900 litres of rainwater can be collected in tanks located at the four corners of the campsite

And by the end of 2018, we will have a wind turbine capable of producing the electricity equivalent of 12 1000-watt radiators.

Our little sheep also help us limit the use of the mower: we move them from one pen to another so they can enjoy fresh grass.

Abandonment of pesticides and harmful products

We gain by eliminating these carcinogenic products from our eating and cosmetic habits. To protect the health of all of us at the campsite, we have decided :

No more using weedkillers; we replace chemicals with natural methods. For example, we will complete hand weeding with a new acquisition: we will have a weed scalding machine by the end of this year.

To learn to cultivate our garden in an ethical and responsible manner. We try alternative agriculture in our vegetable garden, in the heart of the campsite: with the children at the mini-club, come and discover our greenhouse and its seasonal fruits and vegetables, or our small plot that is preparing to receive a multitude of seeds that we will grow permaculture.

To share our know-how in a playful way by organising workshops to make cosmetic and household products (detergent, soap, dishwashing product). Come and have fun with natural products full of resources and respectful of your skin!

Local consumption at La Torche campsite

Learning to consume again is essential to restore balance on our planet: to consume differently is to consume fruits and vegetables in season, but also locally. Brittany is rich in fertile soil: come and taste its delicious sand carrots and slightly salted potatoes, its sweet potatoes and leeks in spring and autumn, its cabbages in winter. And of course, its delicious fish: the small artisan fishermen of Saint-Guénolé will be pleased to make you taste it around a bowl!

That's why you won't find at Nutella's reception: the cultivation of palm oil, the basis of its production process, is at the origin of the death of thousands of plants (deforestation in the Amazon), animals (orangutans and other forest dwellers no longer have food or shelter), but also human beings (the Raoni Indians are driven from their lands and lose their ancestral culture, Brazilian peasants are enslaved for the cultivation of palm).

Packaging and waste in selective sorting

Selective sorting is no longer enough: our waste now represents 2 continents in its own right on our beautiful blue planet. Each of the two great oceans (the Pacific and the Atlantic) has a plastic land adrift, poisoning our fish... and therefore us too, at the end of the food chain!

Therefore, we decided to choose particularly voracious partners of all kinds of organic waste: a compost tank of course, but also... chickens! They feed almost exclusively on peelings and hard bread and walk in the open air. This is the recipe to produce delicious eggs, which you can buy at the reception!

Acting together to protect nature

Camping partner of the LPO

The campsite is also a partner of the L.P.O. (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux): if you are patient and discreet, you will be allowed to see at dawn the ballet of birds coming out of their nesting boxes to eat at one of the feeders. These small wooden shelters are arranged a little everywhere in the campsite... be careful! In the meantime, check out our video with the birds at the La Torche campground.

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The La Torche campsite is the closest campsite to the La Torche surfing spot with various surfing schools located nearby.

The Camping is open from 05/04 to 31/10 2019
Closed for pitches on 30 September and after this date, only rental pitches with sanitary facilities are available.
For the whole season (except July and August): Reception open from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 8pm.
En haute saison (juillet et août) : Réception ouverte de 8h30 à 21h. (Closed between 12pm and 2pm on Saturday)

Camping du Finistère Sud au plus près du spot de surf de La Torche en Bretagne
Pointe de la Torche - 29120 - Plomeur
Finistère Sud / Bretagne - France
Phone: To call us 00 33 2 98 58 62 82
E-mail: Nous contacter

G.P.S : N 47° 49' 58'' W 4° 19' 38''

Camping du Finistère Sud au plus près du spot de surf de La Torche en Bretagne
Pointe de la Torche - 29120 - Plomeur
Finistère Sud / Bretagne - France
Phone: To call us 00 33 2 98 58 62 82
E-mail: Nous contacter

G.P.S : N 47° 49' 58'' W 4° 19' 38''

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