Why our camping adopted the Ecolabel

We, my wife and I bought this lovely site in February 2012, being already aware of environmental problems, which are our greatest challenges in the near future directions.

If we do not begin our energy change now, we will not have them tomorrow means to do so: the energy cost too much and our budget for this mutation will be completely engulfed in our bills.

We are all forced to think of this change!

Green power

We are told 30 to 40% increase in the scope of energy in the next 10 years! 98% of the bulbs of the campsite "eco".

Abandonment of pesticides

We all need to remove pesticides from our habits, they cause cancer! So, no more weeding camping.

Local consumption

Learning to eat locally (not to buy grapes in May, it will cross the world by plane).


In addition, we will have to learn to limit our waste from destroyed homes and our packaging: who cares packaging we buy? Do we really long-term interest to use liquid soap for example? It's expensive and it produces a lot of packaging!

In short, we could go on with examples!

Act together to protect nature

The campsite is also a partner
of the L.P.O French Bird Protection League)
through our bird refuge.

camping de La Torche - partenaire EcolabelThat very briefly some reasons which led us to obtain the European Eco-label..

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